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Witch Phantom by PlagueDivine Witch Phantom :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 1 0 Skull Apparition's Alternate Look by PlagueDivine Skull Apparition's Alternate Look :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 1 0 Skull Apparition by PlagueDivine Skull Apparition :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 1 0 Shriek Drone and Night Shadow by PlagueDivine Shriek Drone and Night Shadow :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 0 0 Scythe Predator by PlagueDivine Scythe Predator :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 0 0 Zero Phantom by PlagueDivine Zero Phantom :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 0 0 Jetsword Scavenger by PlagueDivine Jetsword Scavenger :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 0 0
Avalon's Imperial Technology
Avra Executioner
This robot machine was manufactured with the intent to search and destroy targeted individuals during civil unrest. Mainly for those labeled “terrorist” fugitives. It is guided by advanced guidance and tracking system linked to civil identification database. Identification cards also serve tracking devices connected to bank statements and criminal history as well as regional navigational history.  Every two weeks Avra 13 drones are sent out to execute any social threats or lingering fugitives to establish peace, civility and fear. The identification cards is not always enough to identify its victim so it carries out the task by beheading fugitives and returning its head for dental records. This machine is unequipped with any weapons. It depends on brute force and thick bulletproof armor reaching a height of 9 feet.
Digital Government
The Pulse Combat Drone is a robot designed specifically for special military operations. Each very advanced and expensiv
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Focus Prison
Flight of the Icarus
Focus Prison
    The thought of mankind to conflict with each other became prominent. The success of their human mutation research has successfully established an essential product for mankind’s eradication to progress. Focus Prison is where people were brought from Villages and Kingdoms to be mutated and then sent back to war against their own kind. From these battles more people were captured besides the alternative method of an imprisonment system established for the Kingdoms of Armageddon. Somnus, a Pulse Imperial instigated the conflictual warfare as an effort to further operate their genocidal agenda.
    Nightfall is a kingdom where the night augments a cerulean aurora which glows above this world with the profound beauty. The great kingdom has architectural wonders which awe those in the presence of its monumental structures. At night, the sky becomes vast with billions of stars above a c
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Gates of the Mountain Fortress Kingdom by PlagueDivine Gates of the Mountain Fortress Kingdom :iconplaguedivine:PlagueDivine 0 0
The Chosen Ones of Ephethys-Seiros
Warriors of Ephethys-Seiros
To buy protection for his homeland, Szidon is one of many who were given to the work force of Ephethys-Seiros, the home of the Cyber Gods.
The great empire of Ephethys-Seiros is a massive empire filled with technology which covers every surface of land within its domain. It beholds grand structures of altitudes beyond mortal restrictions.
Szidon lives and works among the farming structures of a sector known as Nthylia. Besides farming for the mass food productions, Szidon studies and grows plants on his own accord. He experiments with biological agents and structures to achieve new forms of plants and breeds. In some cases they are highly nutritious and edible.
The Council of Nthylia is well aware of Szidon and his research for it was recognized by the Ephethys-Seiros surveillance system which dominates all private life.
For his research, The Nthylia council has summoned him to participate in an expedition which would uncover and extract
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Elizabeth's Curse
After many days of civil unrest and insurrections Imhotep took over Abydos because his cousin Elizabeth became mentally unstable. Elizabeth is cursed by Demoloch’s Council of Gods. Misled to believe she had received an immortal blessing she now deteriorates both mentally and physically. With Imhotep’s rule the city prospered better than ever and Imhotep found value and determination to end the royal custom to reign in fear which has recently lead citizens to stand up and revolt. Peace was achieved in Abydos.
    Abydos: Knight Wraiths
Azazel’s curse on Elizabeth grew more aggressive. Imhotep created a police force to find a cure for the curse. They will search the land and investigate for people with knowledge of sorcery. She was deteriorating both physically and mentally.
United as the Knight Wraiths of Imhotep their concern for the sick queen is their motivation and sole mission
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Pulse Imperials
Genocide Leaders
The Dragon of Moon Peak Mountain the highest peak in Mount Fortress Kingdom is where this dragon dwells. Here it raises and breeds insects. Moon Peak is infested with cocoons. There these insects are cursed to become at least the size of a human hand. Others take colossal forms of twenty feet in height. Bolgatrius is raising an army of insects which will be sent to war against the settlements at peace.
The Superions of Tarcene have granted Phylbrean responsibility to oversee and assure their agenda and the machines of human extermination flawless maintenance and progression. He also makes sure the process is completed at a demanded rate. He is honored and titled the Statistical Surveyor of Demise.
Ciardhra and Daktylos
A human captured long ago during developing Superion prejudice towards people. For many years Ciardhra has been kept unconscious. An experiment corrupted by Xiculbo Sorcery. A slave burdened to be a Vessel of Ultimat
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Dying Eternal
Part I.
Apocalyptic Goddess of the Storm
The Apocalypse will be justified if the imbalance of good and evil continues. Heavenly signs and miracles were ignored for the decade in which the world is tested in. With no repentance there is no deliverance into Eternal Life for mankind. Their transgressions have grown far too wicked and corrupt. Prophecy states that when the world is defiled by human sins the gates of the underworld will open but a divine goddess will be issued forth from Heaven Eternal and ruin the world into disaster. This is her legacy!
“The star Wormwood has fallen it is the last apocalyptic sign for planet Earth. Soon the demons of the underworld will come too!” – Poseidon
King-God of Secronomia Island is Poseidon who leads a tribe of people into Holy Sacraments that they may be saved with Eternal Life. These people are the Nelvetii chosen from every culture and ethnicity and brought to dwell in Secronomia. His message spreads panic among his people an
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Spirit World
Heaven Eternal
The Hostile Paradise of Eternal Peace
            Heaven Eternal, the Spirit Realm is an infinite world divided by a shore which is between endless stretch of ocean and land. The realm lies under a great heaven with infinite constellations. May you find the Tree of Life!
Seal of Confinement
            The laws of eternal peace carved written into stones states that by blood and slain of the souls prophesized in the idols a seal of confinement will be lifted. The idols are promised souls who have or will exist. Once they live and die the idol will crumble and the seal of confinement will be lifted. There are two sacred predators one of the earth; the second of the sea. These two Divine predators will conquer and dominate their habitat on earth for their confinement should remain in Heaven Eternal. The laws are promised souls who confine Lamyarna and
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Historical Archive I
Dark Eternal
Historical Archive I. Empire Armageddon
    The elders of Demoloch knew what is coming from the mountain. Creatures of divine birth could not be so easily slain by mortal weapons. In times of crisis a monstrous goliath terrorized the land a creature of black magic and flesh necromancy. From his blood disease is bred and spread. The terror of the mountain began its dissent onto the valley heading towards the empire. Scouts tracking the monster’s migration route determined his impending arrival. But in this panic and fore coming crisis the gods allowed the arts of sorcery will be made available for their survival efforts and for the destruction of Anshorgol.
    An unholy soul forged in the temple of the dead restricted by holy enchantment Balaam’s heart pumps and his lungs expand he gasp for air and he comes into this world as a weapon to counter the sorcery of evil and sanctify the earth. Noah is he who w
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Shyvana from League of Legends Portrait by BlondynkiTezGraja Shyvana from League of Legends Portrait :iconblondynkitezgraja:BlondynkiTezGraja 400 50 Sci-fi Nightclub in the Jungle by TheLandsquid Sci-fi Nightclub in the Jungle :iconthelandsquid:TheLandsquid 3 3 Khareni Traditionalist's checkpoint - Concept by BacusStudios Khareni Traditionalist's checkpoint - Concept :iconbacusstudios:BacusStudios 29 0 Planetfall by BacusStudios Planetfall :iconbacusstudios:BacusStudios 8 0 Future City - Detroit by RobertDBrown Future City - Detroit :iconrobertdbrown:RobertDBrown 67 8 Sci-Fi Night City 01 by Magnum117 Sci-Fi Night City 01 :iconmagnum117:Magnum117 12 3 Paragon Book One, Chapter One: What Lies Below by BlackLotusENT Paragon Book One, Chapter One: What Lies Below :iconblacklotusent:BlackLotusENT 12 0 Shadow Warrior 2 : Forest settings by M-Wojtala Shadow Warrior 2 : Forest settings :iconm-wojtala:M-Wojtala 185 8 Artemis by JasonTN Artemis :iconjasontn:JasonTN 1,094 42 Artemis by sketchykraft Artemis :iconsketchykraft:sketchykraft 1,092 136 Artemis by JasonEngle Artemis :iconjasonengle:JasonEngle 1,185 47 Succubus by coldrim Succubus :iconcoldrim:coldrim 1,279 59 Succubus by Loputon Succubus :iconloputon:Loputon 1,344 77 Succubus by oomizuao Succubus :iconoomizuao:oomizuao 762 25 Myserra, the succubus by Ganassa Myserra, the succubus :iconganassa:Ganassa 2,113 34 Succubus (Commission) by Sciamano240 Succubus (Commission) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 3,461 92


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Scythe Predator

Scene: Garden of Fading Life

Scythe Predator

Sedro-Izmir is home to Warpath Industries a corporate business dedicated to manufacturing state of the art militarized weapons of mass destruction and innovations but not all designs is machine industrial technological developments. The BioTech Institute department of genetically modified warriors is a facility which breeds enhanced super soldiers. They breed and train people in captivity from birth to age 20. When they sleep they are induced and put into a warzone virtual reality artificial womb incubation chamber for their entire 20 years. This incubation artificial womb increases their muscle mass and strength stupendously and their virtual reality teaches them situations to develop skills of an expert warrior.

A third of Sedro-Izmir was in darkness during a mass black out. Backup generators remained active to provide life support for the soldiers inside incubation for three days but very few would survive the poor maintenance of their chambers which is automatically managed. The black out allowed the chambers to develop severe molding and infections. A nuclear power plant which provides electricity to the wider regions of Sedro-Izmir was hacked and forced into nuclear meltdown. The virtual reality system shut down but of all subjects surviving the mass black out is Scythe Predator whose only brain scans shown intense hallucinogenic dreaming unlike anything on record.

From the western outskirts began an invasion of rebels. The hacking of the nuclear facility followed by the rebel invasion is an unprecedented feat for the rebels and their ongoing conflict with Sedro-Izmir.

The rebel raid on the BioTech Institute led to it’s destruction. A facility which would have one day manufactured an army to continue the injustice and oppression. Among the destruction of the BioTech Institute Scythe Predator was found by the raiding rebels. The rebels rescued him and brought him to their refugee camp. The rebels knew nothing of the BioTech Institute facility but if they did Scythe Predator would be executed.

After the invasion the conflict lasted for two and half weeks. Rebel forces were pushed back beyond the outskirts of Sedro-Izmir and eventually Scythe Predator’s refugee camp fell targeted by Sedro-Izmir’s military. During his stay in the refugee camp Scythe Predator saw and learned from the refugees their care and compassion towards each other. The rebels were good people and Scythe Predator admired their compassion and care for each other. But then came Operation Shadow Storm a military assault on the refugee camp.

Airstrikes destroyed and devastated the refugee camp. Scythe Predator then realized the atrocities of war. Amidst the horror of their dying he recounted his virtual reality training which he nearly forgot. All emotions were wiped from his soul as the joy of children perished with their death as the hands of caring women stained his clothes with blood and as the compassion of free and needy people destroyed in cold blood!

Surviving refugees retreated from the region. The Servant Warriors arrived in an effort to rescue as many people they possibly can. When rescue helicopters departed loaded with people one of their pilots found Scythe Predator solely sprinting to the front lines. Rebels on the front line stationed to delay Sedro-Izmir blitzkrieg infantry were on a suicide mission. From an aerial view the pilot called for Arcana’s attention and commented, “The man is mad! He might as well run into an incoming tsunami!”

But Scythe Predator will not die on this day. And because of him men who held their ground against the assault survived and reunited with the rebel guerrilla. When Arcana questioned the survivors and their miraculous survival they all mentioned one man who they honored as their leader. And Arcana Dusk recognized Scyther Predator as the man she witnessed charging foolishly into the battlefield.  

Witch Phantom

Scene: Secronomia Island's Virus Infections of Ecosystem Biological Hazard  and Creature Mutations 

Witch Phantom

Nthylia is home to the mass production of agriculture for Ephethys-Seiros. Nthylia is the major source of agriculture for the civil system. In Nthylia cases of missing people is rising at an alarming rate. Its people live in fear because there is no explanation to the string of missing people. At night witnesses claim to have seen a wraith moving at an unnatural speed in dark worn out clothes but the entirety of its clothing material is astral. Locals believe Nthylia is experiencing a deadly poltergeist and have tells of an urban legend where a vengeful spirit of someone who fell victim to a terrible tragedy and now is kidnapping people.

Witch Phantom came to Nthylia from the ghetto district of Alkaia-Ephelon to investigate the missing people’s case in Nthylia with the law enforcement station 91st League Enforcer. Their police station is in a remote area of Nthylia on the mountain side which overlooks the shanty towns of Zil’rab district. Zil’rab section of Nthylia is an area which is part of the rainforest. Beyond the 91st League Enforcer police station’s mountain is a mountain range valley which stretches to the rest of the mountainous continent which is further beyond its observable horizon. The entire continent is well known for its abundant and dense forestry. In several regions the trees grow enormously. This mountain valley is the Sierra Olympus Mountains where regions of a colossal tree family can reach a growth of 279 feet and a diameter of 27 feet. And in some regions the entirety of its trees are part of the same root but there these trees don’t gow enormously but instead expand throughout a region. At an aerial view of the Sierra Olympus the mountain range stretches to the horizon but at the farthest end of the observable horizon is the king of all its mountains. Olympus Mons is the monstrously massive mountain at the end of the observable horizon which overshadows the Sierra Olympus Mountains like a God of worship. It stands out like a colossal monstrosity the end of the horizon several times larger than the mountains before it. Olympus Mons is wide across the horizon and it expands across several mountains of the Sierra Olympus before it. Olympus Mons is an astounding sight! It is impressive beyond expectations. Its peak height significantly overshadows the Sierra Olympus. Behind it are several more colossal mountains like it but none can compare to Olympus Mons. On the slopes of Olympus Mons the peaks of the monstrous mountains behind it can be observed with binoculars.

Nthylia’s Sierra Olympus horizon has served as a spectacle popular tourist attraction but the region’s string of missing people has blacklisted Zil’rab as dangerous tourist site. Witch Phantom’s profession is well renowned. She is a criminal investigator trained with special weapons and tactics. At the time the lead suspect to missing people’s case in Zil’rab is the wraith where its sightings are most common and so is the people who go missing.

On the northern outskirts of two districts Zil’rab and the industrial section of Ko-Rywen is an expensive but abandoned estate where its entire family went missing. The locals say it is a cursed home and the shanty town peasants do not dare occupy the mansion. The locals fear the mansion. There are common witness accounts of the street apparition visiting the mansion. The mansion is a hotspot for the wraith’s ctivity. Several other missing people are linked to its vicinity. Many locals are determined to move away. The mansion is shunned and some houses have cleared because their residents have moved away.

At night Witch Phantom broke through the front gate with four other police three men and another woman. They wore night vision goggles and scouted the mansion with their assault rifles. While searching the mansion they found the wraith move across their hallway from a door closer to them and then further down to the next. The wraith levitated and moved unnaturally. They approached the door it entered.

Witch Phantom led the team to the door and they rested on the wall preparing to break in. Then the Wraith’s dead pale blue fist broke through the wall and pulled the man at the end with its hand over his mouth and inhumanly strong pulled him through the wall. The female hustled after him but as she entered her face met the Wraith’s foot staggering her with its strong roundhouse kick. The wraith entity split apart from a well figured voluptuous woman in cybernetic armor dividing in front of her. Her green lit eyes shut off and her cybernetic armor cloaked invisible her body figure while the men fired at the wraith hologram in the hallway.

The police men fired at the wraith hologram in the hallway. Witch Phantom stood by with her handgun while the police men in front of her fired at the hologram which vanished. “Did we get it? Is it dead?” said the man up front. Then the cybernetic armored woman blasted through the wall of the room she was in where they first intended to breach. The rubble slightly obstructed her suits cloaking and partly revealed her cybernetic armor to Witch Phantom. In that instant moment the cybernetic armored woman charged into the middle man across the hallway from wall through wall.

Witch Phantom and the police man up front met eyes and he nodded approval then scouted through broken wall aiming down his rifle. Witch Phantom readied her handgun to follow after him but the cybernetic armored woman pulled down her handgun against her wrist and quickly turned it against her. She picked up Witch Phantom by the throat, forced her hard against the wall causing bents and cracks, held Witch Phantom’s handgun up against her forehead to bump the back of her head on the wall as her invisibility cloak glitch slightly she shouted “Drop your weapons!”

“Do what she says!” Witch Phantom shouted as her team recovered back to the hall way. The woman in invisible cloaking cybernetic armor is Eterna a servant of Nthylia’s regional cyber god Andromeda. She is one her two servants. Andromeda’s second servant is Dreadnaught Executioner and he is too is suited with sophisticated cybernetic armored suit. Eterna is more of a cloak and dagger assassin and spy but Executioner is solely a walking tank of sheer force for open battle and a heavy weapons specialist. Eterna and Witch Phantom are both in Nthylia investigating case of multiple missing people; their mission is a common cause.

Their situation settled and Witch Phantom stated her mission and her police badge. Eterna that evening lead them to child’s bedroom where an overgrown tarantula carcass and the room furniture sustained damage and the room messy like a violent struggle took place. The child’s room was a huge step of evidence towards unraveling the unexplainable cases of missing people.

Eterna allied with the 91st League Enforcer police station to cooperate their investigation. She accommodated Witch Phantom to Andromeda for an opportunity among the Goddess servants but instead Andromeda recommended Witch Phantom and her profession to the Warrior Servants which is an equally honorary promotion.  Andromeda honored Witch Phantom with an alternative cybernetic armor like Eterna’s. Arcana Dusk leader of the Warrior Servants introduced her to the organization and their line of duty.

Witch Phantom and Eterna’s investigation concluded that the missing people will be found in the forest and the missing people were not victims of crime or a criminal organization. Evidence supports and further uncovering points to overgrown spider attacks late at night. Spider corpses were found on several following crime scenes but there is also suspicion of someone cleaning after the crime to cover for the overgrown spiders attacks. The 91st League Enforcer have mobilized and prepared with special weapons and tactics to search the Sierra Olympus rainforest for a hive of overgrown spiders. The hive is expected to be colonized webbing of trees or an underground ant like colony tunnel system or both.

As a member of the Warrior Servants Witch Phantom’s identity is erased from the Ephethys-Seiros System citizen database. When Zero Phantom joined the rainforest search operation with the 91st League Enforcer to serve as a scout sniper Arcana had him meet and get to know Witch Phantom. Witch Phantom earned her name with him. Their relationship picked up quickly since when they first met. They developed a strong romantic relationship. Together they are Witch and Zero Phantom. When initiated into the Servants of the Holy Order their identity is erased from the Ephethys-Seiros System database and changed to prestigiously earned title. Their information in the citizenship identity database will then be classified for security clearance authorization.

Skull Apparition

Skull Apparition

Skull Apparition martial arts skill is an acrobatic flashy sport. He is light on his feet and swiftly agile. He has won several regional championship medals in acrobatic martial arts yet for the Servant Warriors he is also an explosives specialist.  His debut and skill were recognized during out of control military experiment. A military machine went rogue in the Aeon-State. The Aeon-State is divided by three regions: the center is Aeon-Hawk city, the outskirt is Aeon-Scalendra, and the outer territory is Aeon-Wolf.

A military exercise of a prototype Empress Spider Claw on the testing grounds of Aeon-Scalendra resulted in surmounting casualties and a giant machine set to self-destruct in the heart of Aeon-Hawk city. The rogue machine malfunctioned yet some speculate it was rigged and sabotaged in an act of terrorism.

In Aeon-Hawk city the machine rampaged the city extremely automated hostile towards city pedestrians. As casualties rose Skull Apparition was caught in its rampage but his maneuverable talent allowed him to distract the Empress Spider Claw from harming more people and helped the evacuation of hundreds who would have died if not for his efforts to distract the machines focus.

The machine harassed him and he was tossed an earpiece for instructions during the deadly event when the machine is set to self-destruct. He managed to deactivate the Empress Spider Claw and his maneuverability against a tested weapon earned him a role among the Warrior Servants as an explosives specialist.

In later years to come Skull Apparition acquired a unique weapon. The Lightning Sabre Whip which is a mind controlled whip. This energy coated whip can slice and melt through lead. It will wriggle and twist with extreme flexibility like a whip. The whip connects to the handler’s mind from their palm. The weapon requires expert training and the user and the weapon must become one. The Lightning Sabre Whip can dismember the handler’s torso in half in an instant if the handler is unskilled and inexperienced.  Many of its handlers have been severely injured or died but Skull Apparition’s expertise is synced with the Lightning Sabre Whip so well that he holds the longest record time with no injury or accident and that legacy continues to date.

Shriek Drone and Night Shadow

Scene: Tentacle Gun Devastator Beach Training Grounds

Shriek Drone

A technological relic of the Ancient Wars is Shriek Drone a combat robot which now serves the Servant Warriors as a combat instructor. Shriek Drone wields a devastating tentacle gun which fires ground penetrating corrosive plasma when lethally engaged. The tentacle gun can energize a lightning ball but at the cost of its energy ammunition. This lightning ball will home in on any target but most effectively when they flee because their air currents will vacuum the deadly lightning ball. The tentacle gun can also launch the lightning ball. 

Black Flag Syndicate a rebel coup ransacked a museum commemorating outdated weapons from the past century. Amon their possessions is Shriek Drone. Shriek Drone’s technology and capabilities is classified only few know of its ability and even less its potential. Black Flag bid stolen museum artifacts in the black market but of Shriek Drone they sold at double the profits than every other artifact combined to one man.

Arcana Dusk is one of few who know of Shriek’s Drone legacy. Now that it is stolen she can claim it while Black Flag is criminalized. Arcana believed that if Shriek Drone were under her control she would use it to train the recruits; a vital machine which serve the servant warriors of the Holy Order.

In the shanty towns of Sedro-Izvir is Black Flag Syndicate’s base of operations. Outsiders are easily recognizable near Black Flag’s headquarters. Arcana ventured to the most severely impoverished section of Ephethy-Seiros System and realized their struggle. These people and their children are experiencing severe malnutrition. Water is scarce in this area of Sedro-Iz’Avir. A child approached Arcana his mouth dry and dehydrated. He reached out his hand towards crawling and hungry and she grabbed his frail thin hand. In that moment Raius-Sagat a leader of Black Flag Syndicate arrived and met Arcana.

They had meeting regarding Shriek Drone’s bidder who resides in Cal-Ghava  but she also discussed of Sedro-Izvir’s impoverished population and for them the Warrior Servants and Black Flag Syndicate allied. Their alliance with a common cause where one will operate above the law and the other a criminal rebel organization. In Cal-Ghava a weapon’s machinist notoriously known as the “Mad Reaper” Curse Nightfall made several modifications to reverse engineer Shriek Drone. After reconstructing Shriek Drone he spoke with it telling it how uselessly outdated it is.

“Years have passed since I awaken talking down to A.I. when waking damages their mind, performance and will to exist.’” – Shriek Drone

“I know and I want you to see your successors, the Solar Drones3 !” –Curse Nightfall.

During the night a cargo aircraft transported Arcana and a legion of paratroopers to Curse’s estate in Cal-Ghava. A second legion infiltrated Curse’s home from his dock house and their ship will wait for it’s legion and the paratroopers to escape. The cunning Mad Reaper eluded the paratroopers in his home by triggering experimental booby traps. The soldiers from the drop ship perished and their mission to capture Curse and then rendezvous with the ship at the dock house ended with their death.

The legion from the sail ship successfully rescued Shriek Drone. They barely managed to board the ship on the dock because of the casualties in the booby trapped mansion. Curse’s traps around his estate were unexpected, intricate and diverse. Arcana understood he anticipated a plausible threat to trigger them and how their casualties excited him.

Night Shadow

(Fantasy Direction Version)

Night Shadow is a sorcery instructor for the Warrior Servants. He is also Arcana’s former instructor from Warpath’s Industries Institution of Scout Warriors. He taught basic fundamentals of Divine Knowledge and how to identify sorcery. For the Warrior Servants he teaches vital self-defense and hostile sorcery.

Classes under his instruction are divided by pyromancy, cryomancy and divination prophet. Divination prophecy is a rare form of sorcery which allows its practice to tap into new form of sorcery which humanity has yet to discover. Among the arts practiced under his instruction is pyromancy which is most prominent in battle and also accepted. Anyone gifted in the art of necromancy is singled out and forced into solitary confinement but mandated to soul cleansing rites because upon the divination initiation ritual the soul will access its gifted source of sorcery. Gifted necromancers with extreme potential are executed. Many suffer in their prison cells haunted by violent, hostile and untamed poltergeist. Many are killed by malevolent and evil spirits.

For many people avoiding the Divination Initiation Ritual and Night Shadow’s training is wise.  The students learn quickly because of the small classes. Anyone desiring to study sorcery must first be subject to the Divination Initiation Ritual before attending sorcery instruction.

Shriek Drone a combat instructor for the Warrior Servants is machine fascinated by sorcery. For the machine sorcery is a wonder which deeply fascinates him. He is forbidden to attend or be in the vicinity of sorcery practicing or the students. According to Night Shadow a machine cannot in any manner practice sorcery because it is lifeless and artificial robot without a soul. “Test have historically proven that A.I. is incompatible with divination.” –snobbish Night Shadow has commonly stated

At night Shriek Drone broke into the sorcerer’s guild and aligned the rune stones as he has observed and following instructions from the Tome of Divine Arts for a divination initiation ritual. The rune stones which symbol pyromancy, cryomancy were set in a triangle as instructed and yet the fourth either symbolize divination prophecy or personal identity.  On the last rune Shriek Drone inscribed a small circle with three intersecting orbits and several runes symbolizing “equivalent mind matrix” which referred to the circle with three orbits. Runes are an entirely different language specifically for sorcery rituals. After preparing the ritual he began the incantation.

Night Shadow opened the front door to the sorcerer’s guild and shouted, “You foolhardy machine! You dare trespass into restricted area which you are prohibited to be near! I will have you deprogrammed and dismantled to the trash compactor!”

But Shriek Drone’s hand was dark sphere gently vacuuming light objects. He turned around fascinated by the magic in his hands.

“What on the good earth is that?!” -Night Shadow

Night Shadow’s necklace ripped from his neck. A necklace with a rune pendant which helps him stabilize his necromancy divination. When the dark sphere absorbed his rune pendant it reacted violently. The vacuum grew too strong and a regional tremor of increasing magnitude began.

Shriek Drone did not know how to deactivate the dark sphere. “Shut it off! Shriek Drone its vacuum is getting too strong!” –yelled Night Shadow

Confused and panicking Shriek Drone swallowed the sphere then runes appeared on his machine body glowing magnesium bright and blindingly intense for a short time.

Night Shadow was left in distraught with many questions which redefined his knowledge of sorcery but even more what he does not. When guards showed up he urged for an immediate meeting to allow him to further evaluate Shriek’s Drones connection to sorcery properties. Night Shadow eventually grew close to Shriek Drone and they became good friends. He started research of engineering to determine how a machine capable of casting sorcery. Night Shadow ended up as Shriek’s Drone personal maintenance.

Shriek Drone’s sorcery abilities were not predicting like hostile pyromancy and neither defensive cryomancy instead it is gentle and at times chaotic and extremely unpredictable. He did not cast sorcery at will but instead the magic lingered in his presence. He could levitate briefly and stones and at times dust rings would orbit him. People at times would feel fatigued and heavy near because of the amplified gravity near Shriek Drone. The second time Shriek Drone accessed the dark sphere it was in a remote wilderness which resulted in leaving behind a deep two and half miles wide crater. The area was left dangerously contaminated by radiation and inhospitable.

Forearm Bladed Cyber Serpent vs Territorial Mountainous Megachasma Lizard
embedded_item1435495930131 by DuskPlague


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